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Reflections from under the Derby

you're not thinking about this stuff

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It's been 2 years since the earthquake. Haiti is still devastated.


There is no dignity
when you die
poor, ten-thousand
at a time.
Your long dead
bodies lie in the streets
piled a dozen high,
some covered, most bare
to survivors stumbling
trance-like looking
for something resembling
normal. Not normal,
bodies in the streets rotting,
eyes open, staring but not
seeing survivors not
seeing a woman, a child
a mother, a daughter,
human beings
scooped together in death
dumped in a truck,
carted out of the city,
dumped in a hole in the ground,
thousands at a time,
alone -
no mourners, no music
no blessing of the souls.
There is no dignity
when you die
poor, ten-thousand
at a time.

(c) 2010 Jeffrey Seale

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So beautiful and absolutely heart-wrenching, Doc. Still.

When I contrast this situation with all the crazy people talking about divine intervention re Tim Tebow, I want to scream. Really? You think there's a god who intervenes in an athletic event but let's the people of Haiti suffer this way? (Sorry, living in CO I can't escape all the Tebow stuff and it's been weighing on my mind).

Thank you for sharing your heart.

thanks, Tracy. Of the few things I've written, this is by far my favorite.

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