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Connecting the good and the holy
I recently started reading To Heal a Fractured World: The Ethics of Responsibility by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. In the first chapter, I ran across this quote:

The prophets warned against a rift between the holy and the good, our duties to G-d and to our fellow human beings. It still exists today. There are those for whom serving G-d means turning inward - to the soul, the house of worship and the life of ritual and prayer. There are others for whom social justice has become a substitute for religious observance or G-d. The message of the Hebrew Bible is that serving G-d and serving our fellow human beings are inseparably linked, and the split between the two impoverishes both. Unless the holy leads us outward toward the good, and the good leads us back, for renewal, to the holy, the creative energies of faith run dry... Unless we reconnect the holy and the good we do less than justice to the unity that is the hallmark of the monotheistic imagination.

I suspect that my rebellion against the extremism of Evangelical Christians led me toward substituting my desire to bring about social justice for the more personal religious observance. This is likely the reason that this passage resonated with me and led me to dog-ear that page. Now, to find the answer that is the reasonable middle.

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We must be cut from the same cloth.

Re: I love this quote!

:) seems that way... That quote really struck me.

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