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I'm contemplating a blog move to here. I set that one a while ago and haven't really put much there. It seems to me that lots of people have left LJ for blogspot or wordpress over the last couple of years. I suspect I'll have fewer readers, which was the allure of the friends list on LJ. That probably means more work trying to build an audience. Wordpress does have a subscribe option for people that already have a wordpress account, so perhaps that's the compromise.

Thoughts? Would you stop reading me if you had to click somewhere else? You certainly won't hurt my feelings if you say yes :)

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Don't go! :-)

I tried blogspot but it was lonely and I gave it up. It's still there, but I don't even bother to duplicate my posts there anymore because I don't think anyone ever read it.

Anyway, that was my experience leaving good ol LJ and why I came back. I do have a paid account here which means no advertising or spam.

Just thought I'd share. :)

I hear you. This feels like home.
I also have the paid account.
I'll probably stay, perhaps do both and perhaps friends lock this blog. That's another option.

Ditto what Jo said.

I mean. do what you want. Just leave a forwarding address like a link here or facebook. But LJ is the 'hood. And it's sad when someone leaves the 'hood.

If you go, syndicate your feed back to here using this LJ Tool. Then everyone will still read it, though they'll have to click through to make comments on your blog.

not a bad idea... thanks for the suggestion.

OK, it isn't clear to me how to do that if I decide to Friends-lock my journal. Not possible, no?

Correct, not possible. It relies on you publishing an RSS feed that will be visible to everyone. Your options are to find a tool that will cross publish to your blog and to an LJ. I know they exist, but I don't know much about them or what's good or how to set them up.

I still have my account over at Blogger that I can't seem to pull the trigger on. More of my friends who read aren't on LJ so they say they can't always comment, but since I'm adverse to change, I worry that I'll have a hard time trying to learn how to work the "new" system. I'll be like a penguin and push you into the water first!

I abandoned blogger to come here. That account still exists. I chose Wordpress because it seemed more versatile.

post on both and see which one gets the most rresponse. Do you really want to get me set up over there? That's a lot of trouble.

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