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you're not thinking about this stuff

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Thanks for posting this both here and on Daily Kos, where I go by Neon Vincent. Speaking of Daily Kos, don't forget the afterthought you appended to the Daily Kos version of this entry.

And while I was writing this, I heard on Rachel Maddow that Elizabeth Blackburn was fired from the President's Council on Bioethics by George W. Bush for her outspoken criticism of his restrictions on stem cell research.

How rich is that? A Nobel Laureate fired by the anti-science administration.

Update: quote from the USA Today article, because it was just so good

"I don't feel martyred," the University of California, San Francisco, scientist and native Australian said of her dismissal from the council. "I wear it as a badge of honor."
Why am I not surprised that the Bush Administration would fire a Nobel Laureate for actually advocating on behalf of science?

I love getting science news in my kidlit blogreader! Thanks for posting this, Jeff, because I am writing under a deadline and surely would have missed it completely.

Thanks Loree!! I posted a link to a CCD story in your last entry that might be useful.

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